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Wide range of solutions fitting for your B2B business needs

Sales force automation (SFA)-01
Sales force automation
Amplify your sales team productivity
Field force automation (FFA)-01
Field force automation
Maximize merchandiser and promoter productivity and Increase visibility
van sales automation-01
Van sales
Full visibility on payments and inventory
Consignment automation-01
Consignment automation
Increase stock and sales visibility
Distributor Management System (DMS)-01
Distributor management system
End-to-end solution for distribution management
API Hub-01
Integration / API hub
Seamless integration for maximum agility
Omnichannel B2C-01
Omnichannel B2B2C
Optimize your sales channels to provide a customer-centric experience
Warehouse automation-01
Warehouse automation
Ensure stock and order accuracy
electronic Proof of delivery-01
Visualize and optimize deliveries
Duitnow QR-01
Duitnow QR
Now supporting Duitnow QR for faster, seamless payments
Digital B2B-01
Digital B2B
Bring your B2B business from physical to digital
Data & Inteligence-01
Data & intelligence
Unlock the power of data in B2B sales
Product Information Managements System (PIMS)-01
Product information management systems
Improve product information quality, consistency, and compliance
Route to market-01
Establish strong route-to-market pipelines for brands
Improves business efficiency and increases tax compliance

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