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Boostorder Rep

Increase sales team and field force productivity, and focus on building meaningful relationships with customers.

Create automated workflows and reduce the amount of manual, repetitive tasks for your sales reps, while having the complete history and data of B2B customer interactions stored in one place for easy access and visibility.



Obtain workflow control by setting up tasks for sales reps, at the same time allowing them to add or create adhoc tasks:

  • Journey Planner
  • Check In / Out / Attendance
  • On-shelf availability and OOS (Out of stock) check
  • Media attachment / note taking
  • Payment collection
  • Stock count + order
  • Stock drop off
  • Outlet location report
  • Stock return
  • Order taking
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Easy-to-search products, specifications, stock availability and pricing. Sales rep can amend pricing and request for approval for prices beyond their authority.

  • Access real-time information on product details, pricing and availability
  • Search for products easily via Boostorder Smart Search, a feature where users can search for products easily by partially typing the name or keyword of a specific product


Generate and share quotation(in PDF format) and sales order instantly, place orders on behalf of buyer and get notifications on order status.

Generate, create and share documents, all within the app:

  • Sales order
  • Quotation
  • Invoice
  • Receipt
  • Return
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Easily track previous orders and transaction documents. One-click function to re-order or repeat purchase available.

  • Easily view documents such as quotations, sales orders, invoices, credit notes, and payment transactions
  • Filter and sort documents for faster access
  • Re-order items for customers with just one click
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Clear visibility on credit term and limit, multiple invoices and credit note selection available, as well as early payment discount configuration.

  • Select multiple invoices and credit notes for payment
  • Securely pay using different payment methods
  • Enjoy early payment discounts
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Perform stock count in customer’s premise

  • Request for return in a just a few clicks
  • Be notified on the status of return process.
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Clear sales target vs plan visibility in the following areas:

  • Call rate
  • Sales
  • Collection
  • Commission

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